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    IRCTC Catering

    I observed that IRCTC an arm of Indian Railways is a total failure in catering the Railway passengers. IRCTC introduced the FOOD JUNCTOINS in many prominent and important junctions and the food rates are very high. For ex, in Puri station, the food severed by IRCTC is available outside the station at half of the price. The quality of the food is very poor. Before 2010, we have lot of food making stalls on Railway platforms and of late IRCTC is driving them out and as a result the passengers have to no other option except IRCTC food. The on board catering service is still worst. In some trains IRCTC charge Rs. 75/ for a meal which is not even worth Rs. 25.The saddest part is ,IRCTC is making lot of money and without the knowledge of IRCTC its employers are minting money in the name of IRCTC

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    RE: IRCTC Catering

    Actually IRCTC awards the contract based on fair bidding. Never heard of any gang-lords in it. But on quality check IRCTC takes bribe and disregards consumer complaints in lieu of it.

    But there is Rail Catering/Pantry Service Complaint number:1800-111-321. Try registering complaint there.

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