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What happen to passengers of 3AC waiting list ticket

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  • What happen to passengers of 3AC waiting list ticket

    Hello sir, I have booked a ticket from window. and details are followings-
    PNR Number : 235-2257114
    Train Number-14854
    Boarding Date(DD-MM-YYYY)- 28-12-2013
    Reserved Upto-BSB
    Boarding Point-AF

    S. No. Booking Status Current Status
    (Coach No , Berth No., Quota) (Coach No , Berth No.)

    Passenger 1 B2 , 40,GN CNF
    Passenger 2 W/L 1,RLGN W/L 1
    Passenger 3 W/L 2,RLGN W/L 2
    Charting Status CHART NOT PREPARED
    Sir, My question is that what should I do? Should I wait till chart prepared? or I should cancel whole ticket and wait for TATKAAL? or Sir, I also don't know what will happen with rest two pessengers? Could I be permitted to travel in AC bogie with wait list ticket?
    Please help me sir? Please reply me... :huh:
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    RE: What happen to passengers of 3AC waiting list ticket

    As per the current rule since at least one seat is confirmed, the passengers with unconfirmed seats are fully allowed to travel but only in the Sleeper(SL) class and in 3rd AC only with permission as it can cause too much of load on the AC. Since now it is winter AC's don't run so I don't see any reason why TTE should ask the other two to not to enter the AC coach.

    Secondly if those two don't travel then you must take "Not Traveled" certificate from TTE and file the TDR within 72 hours after reaching Varanasi and send the certificate to IRCTC.

    I think there is very good chance that those two seats will get confirmed.