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Rude behavior of ticket collector

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  • Rude behavior of ticket collector

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    On 11th December, 2012 around 6.45 pm, I was walking on Churchgate station platform no. 1-2 with the cup of coffee in my hand. I was walking carefully to ensure that I did not bang into anybody. But unfortunately I banged with a man. Some coffee got spilt on his shirt and some my clothes. There was a slight argument between us. Unfortunately that man happened to be a (rude) Ticket Collector. When I was arguing with him I was not aware that he was the TC. He started yelling and shouting on me & said that he is on duty. On hearing this I got scared because I fear the law & do not want to be on the wrong side of the law. I tried to politely explain to him that I was not completely my fault and that he was also not looking ahead while walking. But he would have none of it. He started threatening me that he would charge me with "loitering". I asked him how can he charge me with "loitering" since I was having a valid pass with me. At one point he even grabbed my arm and was trying to take me to the TC office. I again asked him how can he charge me with "loitering". He said that walking on the platform with the cup of coffee amounts to loitering. Of course all this while he continued to yell and shout at me, while all the time I was politely talking to him. I realized that there is no point in talking any further and just went in the waiting train on platform no. 1

    He sensed that I was frightened and he followed me and entered in the same compartment which I had gotten into. In the train he was continuously threatening me. He said that he has entered the train to castigate me. He was bullying me. He even said that he has taken my photograph. He kept on threatening me that he will chastise me for arguing with him.

    But whether he was on duty duty at that time is doubtful, because in the train he was not checking anybody's ticket (in spite of being in the first class compartment). But he was continuously staring at me with threatening looks. All the while in that train I did not bother to argue or even talk to him. But he did not stop staring at me. He kept on bullying me. This went on till Vile Parle. I got down at Vile Parle. But nothing happened at Vile Parle. He did not take me to the TC office nor did he catch me. Infact I do not know whether he got down at Vile Parle or not because I did not bother to look back after I got down.

    I do not have the TC's name or ID number. But I would like to bring this to the notice of all esteemed railway authorities. Maybe it was incorrect on my part to argue with a TC, but that was in response to his yelling and shouting, which was very offensive. He was bullying me & I was helpless. From Churchgate to Vile Parle I was being bullied by this TC. I would request the railway authorities to kindly take a note of such errant TC's, so that this does not happen to any other genuine passenger.


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    RE: rude behavior of ticket collector

    You could have filed FIR with train conductors/coach attendants/guards or GRP escort. Those carry FIR book.

    You could have looked his name in the chart pasted at the gate of the train. I think he was some crazy guy.


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      RE: Rude behavior of ticket collector


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