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Penalty rules of railway

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  • Penalty rules of railway

    Dear Sir,
    I want to know about penalty charges for travelling with mail express ticket in superfast express. And how to register complaints against railway ticket checking staffs. What to do if you ask at ticket counter to give a ticket for puri of a particularly superfast train and unfortunately they give you a mail express ticket. And at puri station the ticket checking staffs asked for giving penalty charges for not booking superfast ticket.

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    RE: Penalty rules of railway

    Hi evryone.. im kiran. I was travelling from chennai to trivandrum. I had booked an eticket reservation in sleeper coach. After i board d train, ttr came and checked my id proof nd he went.. after a long time abt 10 hrs later some other guy came and asked for the ticket. I said it is an e ticket. He asked for proof. I gave him my copy of licence. Dats all i had. He then asked me to pay a fine of 750. After calculating something. I think its his share from the fine. I said i dont hav much amnt nd y should i pay fine. He said that it should be payed because i dnt hav an orginal licence. I went online and got the licence details from the government website and showed him. He said its all fake.. i dint understand that he said the gov website is fake! I asked him y should i pay the fine i have shown evrything he needs to know that my name is kiran! He asked me to pay the fine or get down on the next station. I said ok i wil pay the fine. Nd i oped ny purse and got 800 from it nd gave it to him. He then suddenly calculates angain after seeing the money nd he said the fine is 815.. WTF! He is such a creep and even he dint hav his uniform. Just his id card dats all.. and he is searching for evryone nd making money.