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Fraud at Mumbai Central station

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  • Fraud at Mumbai Central station

    Dear All,

    I face the problems there are so many agent at Mumbai central they cheat the passenger to saying that they will confirm the ticket they have the setup with railways official and some official are also helping them, in my case they provide me confirm ticket from Mumbai to Surat. Also they provide me one waiting ticket from Surat to JP in railway quota.

    They will tell you that this ticket will also be confirmed. But ticket will not confirm.

    I also talked to TTE but he told me that agent is doing this fraud to almost 500 people daily. All the TTEs are aware of it but nobody doing anything for it because complete system involved in it. It seems that some police person and some railway person also involved in this fraud.

    If everyone knows about this fraud like TTE and attended of train and police man then why action is not taken there. Please take any action for it.

    Ajayraj Singh

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    RE: Fraud at Mumbai Central station

    Ajay ji everybody know about it.... but TTE is helpless coz उसके पास ऐसा कोई तरीका नही है की वो उनके खिलाफ कोई कार्यवाही करवा सके। क्यों की लोकल पुलिस इसमे शामिल होती है।
    वसे भी जब हमको पता है इस तरह से टिकेट लेना गलत है तो हम भी तो उनसे टिकेट लेकर गलती कर रहे हैं ओर लोकल पुलिस ऐसी चीज़ का फायदा उठाती है ओर उनके खिलाफ कोई FIR नही हो पाती।