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Fraud at Mumbai Central station

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  • Fraud at Mumbai Central station

    Dear All,

    i face the problems there are so many agent at Mumbai central they cheat the passenger to saying that they will confirm the ticket they have the setup with railways official

    and some official are also helping them, in my case they took 1200 Rs to confirm my ticket in 3rd ac and they gave me a TC name Sudhir Patel coach BX 1 seat 46 i seen there was no coach on that name i ask 02 T T where this coach are attached in this train they said yes walk forward then i met a passenger i was asking to coach attender where is BX1 coach then passenger told me beta you confirm your ticket from agent i said yes he told me forget that they cheated you then i went to sleeper class and travel as wait listed passenger, train attended told me everyday people like me coming in the train why government are not doing any thing on that.

    at the time of my conversation i seen police official and railways official are talking to those agent.

    so dear passenger please aware with those cheater

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    RE: Fraud at Mumbai Central station

    I requested to all my passengers frnds plz कोई तो कंप्लेन करो पुलिस मे FIR करवाओ सभी लोकल पुलिस स्टाफ इसमे मिला होता है ओर शिकायत नही होंने का बहना बना लेते हैं ओर हम सब इसका परिणाम भुगतते हैं।

    सॉरी दोस्तों उनसे कन्फर्म टिकेट के लिए हम है उनको बढ़वा दे रहे हैं।

    आप सभी से हाथ ज़ोड के निवेदन है की अब कभी भी आप इस तरह की कंडीशन मे हो तो प्ल्ज़ लोग इन ओर वहां से कर्रेंट कोउनटेर से टिकेट उपलब्धता देख ले ओर फिर स्टेशन के रेसेर्वशन के कर्रेंट कोउनटेर से टिकेट ले क्यों की वो लोग भी यही करते है।