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Corruption by railway station master

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  • Corruption by railway station master

    I was going to drop my friend at bhaktinagar railway station Rajkot, Gujarat. We were going on the queue for the tickets and asked the guy whether i need to buy the ticket for platform which i didnt knew as i was going to railway station for first time and there was no one guarding the entrance or no barrier otherwise. To which he replied no.

    I entered the platform and dropped my friend on the train as there was quite a lot of luggage. After returning back i saw the station master and explained him my situation. He immediately asked for 100 rupees bribe. I denied and said that i will need receipt for that. He said he will provide me receipt so i called my friend to bring me some cash as i didn't had 100 rupees on me. Meanwhile i told him that the station ticket issuer mislead me and told me that i didn't need to buy ticket for platform. He argued saying it was my fault. He sent a police constable with me to ticket window to confirm my story which got confirmed. Again the master argued that it was still my fault.

    My friend came and we were about to give him 100 rupees and he changed his word by saying its going to be 260 rupees now. We argued that the fine cant be this large for not buying a station ticket. Tired after arguing for a while he threatened us so we had to give him 260 rupees and he gave us excess fare receipt which is for people traveling without ticket. This wasn't the case with me. I recorded the video and voice memo for evidence. The station masters name is Shabbirsha A.