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Require group booking for 30 persons

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  • Require group booking for 30 persons

    How do i book the group ticket 14 senior citizen & 6 children & 12 Adults. we are going to Pilgrims to Tirupati from Berahampur?

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    RE: Require group booking for 30 persons

    You need to write name,age and sex for all people on a white paper and approach the CRS at railway counter.

    You also need to indicate who are senior citizen etc. Tickets will then be booked 6 at a time but all booking will be allotted to single compartment/bogie.

    If the child is less than equal to 5 years then his/her ticket need not be booked( Better don't book ticket till child is 7 years or more, TTE's won't bother).

    While in travel do carry school ids of a few children and also id's of senior citizen. Also while in travel try to carry id's of every person but it is not mandatory.