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CMV: Will Call is the Best Method of Ticket Delivery

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  • CMV: Will Call is the Best Method of Ticket Delivery

    Hello everyone,,
    I'm not a very frequent ticket buyer, and for the longest time I use "print-at-home" or "eticket" option when possible. but recently i've been considering that "will call" is far superior ticket delivery option than the rest.
    1. you are guaranteed to get the ticket (way better than buying a ticket right before the event)
    2. compared to mailed system, it's cheaper and guaranteed to be received
    3. compared to print-at-home system, dkt test it's safe against any forgetfulness risk since the ticket can be picked up right before we enter
    4. also because the ticket can be obtained right before the event, there's minimal risk of dropping or losing it
    5. compared to eticket, it's low battery-risk free. if phone's battery runs out right before the event, the e-ticket method fails
    6. even if there's line up, since it's only a pick up, it moves fast and not very time consumptive
    7. there's a physical ticket that can be kept as souvenir after the event and not just a piece of paper like "print-at-home" ticket

    if you don't agree with my opinion, please CMV! i'm really noob in event-going and would like to learn ways to improve the experience, including ticket buying.
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